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Starting a Business

It’s often said that all one needs to start a business with, is a good idea, money and some common sense. To consistently turn profits and be successful in the long run, though, takes much more than that. Early stage business failures happen more often than not, due to a variety of unforeseen, underestimated, or unmanageable factors confronting the owner. Vested interests in the failed venture are sometimes great, and losses in time and money, substantial.

Experienced in business start-up requirements and strategies, we assist in planning and launching a business, taking into account a client’s basic risk/return profile. A specific process should be followed, appropriate research/analysis and planning performed, opportunities and problems identified, and alternative options investigated.  

We assist business start-ups by:

 Facilitating idea sessions

The proposed business idea put into context – goals, opportunities, problems and risks, needs, timing, business structure, and so forth, are examined and a charter drawn up.

Performing feasibility studies

A variety of techniques for assessing the business’s financial plan, marketability, growth potential, and so forth.

Writing up business plans

JEL consulting develops comprehensive business plans specific to the intended audience; investors/lenders, prospective partners, or other stakeholders.

Facilitating planning sessions

Important aspects such as financial, marketing, operations, people, and key resource requirements planning are investigated, with solutions sought and documented.

Developing Sales and Marketing strategies

To ensure the new business’s products or services are noticed and well-received by first-time customers, we develop an effective marketing mix, encompassing the product/service offering, pricing, distribution, and advertising. In addition to marketing strategy, JEL designs advertising and graphic design elements such as logos and letterheads.   

Registering the business

Providing Bookkeeping, Statutory requirements compliance, and business banking services

JEL consulting has an accounting/bookkeeping office handling client’s monthly or once-off accounting needs, in an effective, reliable manner. To minimise time wasted at the bank or government offices, JEL assists business owners with statutory requirements and business banking. Our office processes a business’s tax, VAT, UIF, CIPRO, and other state required responsibilities.  We will also deal with the bank on the business’s behalf, performing certain banking tasks.

Building websites and offering certain other IT services

Through our network of service suppliers, JEL consulting will develop a website for the business, register a domain name, setup email and listing on search engines, and connect the business to various online publications

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