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Process Engineering & Analysis

Process Engineering and Workflow management

All business activities and projects may be broken down into processes, each having certain characteristics (standard and unique) and relationships to one another. Processes are essentially governed by rules, and are analysed at various levels. Process engineering (BPR) looks to understand and change (optimise) these configurations in order to meet strategic and other objectives. Redesign of old processes, and well designed new models can prove invaluable to long-term success – customer satisfaction is enhanced, costs are reduced, and profits strengthened.

Process engineering of even small operations can be complicated. If it is incorrectly performed, or the findings poorly documented, incompatible solutions arise, and further inefficiencies and problems occur. JEL carefully analyses present and proposed process models, functional and organisational composition, stakeholder interactions, as well as probable costs/benefits associated with a change. When designing, we look to meet requirements, while rationalising and simplifying processes. Solutions are presented as BPMN or UML models, with an option for tabulated documentation with narratives to aid in implementation.

JEL also builds workflow systems – software which tracks and manages work performed by people, as well as related information, such a resource utilisation and communications. To provide management with more control and knowledge, the workflow system may be integrated with other systems – financial, sales, production, customer relations, HR, etc.

BPR will affect the people within a business. In many instances, it’s not desirable to over-automate or remove employees due to redundancies. With this in mind, process design must look to balance changes with workforce capabilities, requiring changes to the work people do, broadening job specs, up-skilling, etc.   

We are able to incorporate elements of Integrated Business Planning to support process design/redesign specific to a business’s operations, sales/marketing, and financial management. Often, insufficient consideration is given to Strategic Planning, and since all processes ultimately stem from a business’s strategies, good planning is crucial before designing workflows. Our consultants have the practical and academic knowledge to assist in strategic and tactical planning.

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