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Welcome to JEL Consulting

In today’s challenging world of business and the economy, JEL strives to provide assistance in three primary areas:

  • Business Formation and Development/Improvement.
  • Business Services such as Bookkeeping, Statutory compliance, and Marketing.
  • Professional services such as Project Management, Business analysis and process engineering

Unsubstantiated, impractical, and ineffective service is common. Driven by this fact, a philosophy of Enquire, Equip, and Excel forms the basis of our approach to business. Our people are passionate about delivering service in line with the philosophy, and aren’t afraid of hard work in pursuit of results. JEL understands the need for people relationships in business, and works one-on-one with clients.


Business Services

Whether preparing to enter the market, a new market, or having an already established business in place, considering JEL’s services may significantly affect future success.

With experience in a multitude of projects, each differing in requirements and scope, JEL uses both proven and innovative methods to analyse, design, and document strategy and implementation solutions.

We offer various levels of business analysis, using a variety of techniques. We investigate and document business plans, business cases, and requirements and solution specifications. Analysis and optimisation of business/system processes, and efficiency and other studies are performed when required.

Whatever the business, the importance of good project management cannot be overemphasised. From simple to complex projects, JEL consultants apply sound project management techniques to all work done.

JEL consulting’s accounting office provides Bookkeeping, Payroll, and Financial reporting services, along with PAYE, UIF, Income Tax, and statutory compliance administration.

Lastly, JEL consulting’s experience in the marketing and promotional environment allows us to provide planning of marketing strategy, graphic design, and website development and hosting services.

Jel Consulting